The Women's Wing Organization, Inc.

Abetting the last, the last, the lost and the forgotten, while elevating the lives of all persons in an atmosphere of unity and respect.

Welcome to the Women’s Wing Organization!  
We pray that your contact with us will be a life-changing experience for all involved. 
Founded in 1995, The Women's Wing Organization Inc., a 501.c3 entity is based on spiritual principals. Soaring through the path which we have been called, WWO dares to enter territories where depredations are a hindrance in fighting various human plights. One of our ultimate goals is to prevent incarnation and reduce recidivism into our local correctional system; thereby strengthening our communities and returning productive citizens to our ranks. WWO seeks to reach those that society has forgotten, placing participants in areas they can bring hope to and make a mark in the loves of those they pass along the way. 

The Women’s Wing Organization is a group of service driven individuals who pledge to meet the needs of those less fortunate without compromise; who have joined forces to meet the needs of the least, the last the lost and the forgotten faced with
the plague of various human plights.

The organization is known for its deep commitment to outreach. Grounded in the tradition of serving, WWO is inspired by spiritual principal’s consistence with our objectives which derived from our mission and core values. Today, as a consequence of our tradition and dedication, we are accomplishing our objectives by establishing joint efforts with leaders in various fields and with others whose work have had a major impact in the community.

Identifying with programs which involves partnerships between families, city agencies, the jail, local shelters, schools, law enforcement agencies, churches, prosecutors, the courts, businesses, the community and other stakeholders to collaborate in a
successful journey of our participants. 

Therefore, it is not an empty expectation to anticipate that lives and stability will be altered in a meaningful, positive and wholesome manner as a result of working together in enriching the lives of those we serve.  We are a team of God fearing professionals; hence our expectations and beliefs in the potential of our participants may be acted out in a special way.

As we embark upon this journey together, we fervently pray that God’s grace, strength and providence continue to  abide with us as we honor our commitment to all of those we serve here and abroad.

May the steps of those we serve and our supporters be ordered by God’s guidance as we work together towards a brighter tomorrow..

Until our work is done, we humbly remain in service to you.


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